We are pro gun AND pro safety. Knowing child safety should come first...why doesn't it?
Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gun RIGHTS and Gun SAFETY are not mutually exclusive ideals: Pay attention- child safety 1st. What happened?               youtu.be/yr9x1CzW2Yw

Take action. Take responsibility for your gun rights in relation to child safety
Monday, April 15, 2013

According to the Center to Prevent Youth Violence (CPYV), in 78% of accidental shooting deaths of children under 15, the child was shot by a friend or family member, and more than half of the time, the shooting occurred at someone else’s home                                   "My firearm rights are also a social-safety responsibility.Your fiream rights are MY responsibility if my child visits your home. There is a solution: Internal gunlocks protect our families and our second ammendment rights. ...

Press Release
Monday, April 15, 2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE` Contact: Larry Ross  larry@omegagunlock.com  President  OMEGA SAFETY SYSTEMS, INC. PROVIDES AN INTERNAL SOLUTION TO PREVENT GUN VIOLENCE IDYLLWILD, CA – April 12, 2013 Omega Safety Systems, Inc., a leading California gunlock manufacturer, has secured more than 400 thousand firearms and provides a superior safety solution for firearm owners and safety advocates. Omega’s mission is to educate the public about responsible gun ownership and provide a common-sense solution to stop gun violence. Dedicated to increasing child safety and stopping the senseless injury and death cause by improper firearm handling and storage, ...

Guns Kill more kids than cancer
Thursday, April 11, 2013

Epidemic: Guns kill twice as many kids as cancer doesDustin Racioppi, The Asbury Park (N.J.) Press7:28a.m. EDT April 11, 2013Children's group says gun deaths among youth also outnumber soldiers injured in Afghanistan. Group to give away 30 guns in 30 days in PR bid(Photo: Seth Wenig, AP)Story HighlightsChildren's advocacy group says in 2010, 15,576 youth were injured by firearmsAccidental firearms injuries have been on the decline nationwideCongress is set to vote on a series of gun-control measures aimed at reducing gun violenceASBURY PARK, N.J. — Most victims of gun violence in 2010 were not on a battlefield or remote hillside in the Middle East fighting in a war. They were, ...

In just seconds, a boy, a gun, a death, then grief
Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Had an Omega internal gunlock been in Deputy Fanning's weapon, his wife would still be alive!! The SOLUTION IS SIMPLE: Internal gunlocks STOP accidental discharge from occuring.In just seconds, a boy, a gun, a death, then griefBy Joe Sterling, CNN updated 9:35 PM EDT, Tue April 9, 2013 4-year-old accidentally kills woman STORY HIGHLIGHTSTwo young boys are involved in a shooting in New JerseyA pistol in the hands of a 4-year-old boy fired, killing a deputy's wife in TennesseeThe deputy describes what happened in an unusual e-mail to CNN affiliate WKRNDeputy: Wilson County officers "do not make a habit of leaving loaded guns simply lying around" (CNN) -- It happened in just seconds, by all ...