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Monday, April 15, 2013


 Contact: Larry Ross 



 IDYLLWILD, CA – April 12, 2013 Omega Safety Systems, Inc., a leading California gunlock manufacturer, has secured more than 400 thousand firearms and provides a superior safety solution for firearm owners and safety advocates. Omega’s mission is to educate the public about responsible gun ownership and provide a common-sense solution to stop gun violence. Dedicated to increasing child safety and stopping the senseless injury and death cause by improper firearm handling and storage, Omega’s internal gunlocks save lives without compromising Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights: Keep Your Rights. Keep Them Safe.

 Horrific gun-related tragedies have shaken our nation and sent shock waves through Americans everywhere, once again bringing the need for a firearm safety solution to the forefront of American awareness. According to recent reports from the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control, gunfire killed nearly 645,000 children and teens in America during the twenty-one years from 1981 to 2002. An additional 364,843 Americans were killed by firearms from 1999-2010 and, in 2011, 32,163 lives were lost due to homicide, suicide and accidental discharge injuries sustained by a firearm.

Moreover, Studies have established the finding that safe storage of firearms reduces the risk of adolescent suicide, unintentional injuries and death for both children and teens. According to the Center to Prevent Youth Violence (CPYV), in 78% of accidental shooting deaths of children under 15, the child was shot by a friend or family member, and more than half of the time, the shooting occurred at someone else’s home.

In America, nearly 33% of U.S. households (over 57 million) contain a gun (approximately 300 million firearms), and 50% of gun-owning households didn’t keep their guns locked or in a gun safe, including 40% of households with kids under age 18 (CPYV). Of the unintentional deaths that same year: 29.9% were playing with a firearm, 25.5% believed the firearm to be unloaded and 11.9%: unintentionally pulled trigger.

On an international level, Rachel Stohl a senior analyst at the Center for Defense Information in Washington, DC., documents the impact of small arms trafficking in an article titled The Tangled Web of Illicit Arms Trafficking. She states that every year small arms and light weapons are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths in conflicts, an estimated 200,000 deaths in peaceful countries and at least three times as many injuries.  She goes on further to state that there are essentially nine different ways that small arms can enter illicit networks, one of which is inadequate weapons stockpile security that allows for theft and accidental loss.  In fact, looted arsenals provide the bulk of diverted weapons!

Although this article was written nearly nine years ago, the situation continues to worsen. However, there are countries taking action. For example, the Norwegian Ministry is addressing the overwhelming need to acquire gunlocks for the Norwegian Army’s home defense or “sleeping” army, as many accidents, suicides and crimes have occurred involving soldiers’ weapons. Providing internal gunlocks would reduce the number of global deaths overall and eliminate five of the nine known avenues that small arms traffickers use to enter the black market. The Omega ALPHA series gunlocks, if used in these firearms while at home or in storage facilities, could drastically reduce crime and accidental discharge.

Statistics – and common sense – show that proper firearm storage utilizing an internal chamber lock, whether for civilians, law enforcement officers or the military, is a viable solution to end unnecessary and careless firearm injury and death, at home and abroad. Unfortunately, the sub-standard cable and trigger locks currently on the market are simply unable to meet gun owners’ needs and, as a result, are more likely to gather dust in a drawer or closet than be used with a firearm. The Omega internal gun locking system was designed by a firearm professional for firearm users with the understanding that a “one size fits all” gunlock is an ineffective design: Gunlocks only work when they are used! Not only do Omega gunlocks exceed all current safety standards, but they end accidental discharge and are simple and easy to use.

Faced with increasing political pressure to stop gun violence, Omega Gunlock is THE solution to keep America safe, prevent firearms from entering the black market, protect gun owners 2nd Amendment rights and ensure that the 300 million + firearms currently stored in American homes have the most effective gun locking device on the market available to them for use. Evolving legislation and the increased need for standards that exceed minimum requirements make Omega gunlocks the most beneficial choice available for ALL Americans – safety advocates, current gun owners and firearm manufacturers.





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