About Us

Today, Omega Internal Gunlocks have secured more than 400 thousand firearms: Our mission is to educate the public about responsible gun ownership and provide a common-sense solution to stop gun violence. We are dedicated to increasing child safety and stopping the senseless, unnecessary injury and death caused by improper firearm handling and storage. Join us in our effort to save lives without compromising your gun rights. 

The Omega internal gun locking system presents an innovative and affordable firearm safety alternative for people who do not have a gun safe or need secure their firearms for transportation. The common sense reality is this: Gunlocks only work if gun owners use them!

Benefits of the Lock:

  •  Ends accidental discharge by occupying the chamber, whether locked or not
  • Doesn’t change the handling or holstering of the gun
  • Child resistant key –on pistols and revolvers
  • Fast access – goes from locked to loaded in seconds, even in the dark
  • Gun friendly – all materials are softer than ammo brass
  • Recoil pad – on pistol locks acts to protect the firing pin if 'dry fired'.
  • Difficult to defeat – internal design lends to strength
  • Simple and easy to use – if you can load your firearm, you can use our lock
  • Exceeds all state and federal safety standards – California DOJ, Maryland approved
  • Supplied to Browning and Winchester for over 10 years – still the lock of choice for their most prestigious shotguns.
  • Caliber specific firearm safety - a full line of automatic pistol, revolver, rifle, and shotgun locks

Omega Bio:

Horrific gun-related tragedies have shaken our nation and sent shock waves through Americans everywhere. Sadly, Omega Safety Systems was born from a tragic event that hit close to home. In 1989, Larry Ross, Omega’s president and gun lock inventor was profoundly affected when his son witnessed his best friend’s accidental death; the result of playing with a loaded handgun, presumed to be unloaded, that had not been secured in his friend’s home.  An avid and competitive target shooter and custom gun maker, Larry has seen too many unsecured guns and gunlocks lying around unused and unattended – more accidents waiting to happen. Larry believed he could design a gunlock that would be used. Now, there is a better way.

Larry began sketching gunlock designs whenever he could find time. Several years and countless designs later, Larry succeeded in creating a gunlock that met all of his requirements.  It could be made inexpensively, it was “gun friendly,” easy to use, and his designs were internal. After the original patent was granted in 1999, Larry and Cruz (Omega’s co-founder) then began the grueling process of perfecting the design and borrowing funds from friends and family to begin production.

Of the estimated 310 million guns currently owned in America, less than 50% are stored securely. Moreover, 40% of those households have children under the age of eighteen in the home. Sadly, recently reported statistics reveal that nearly 33 lives are lost each day because of gun violence. These tragedies are preventable: Omega gunlocks are THE solution.